CCE Project: “Taking Xiamen University to Tongan Community”

2016-07-04 00:00:00.0

Through communication, negotiation and research survey in early stage, Tongan Industry Community University and CCE joined effort to develop serial activities of "Taking Xiamen University into Tongan Community".On the morning of June 30, 2016 the activity launched for the first time with participants including CCE President Zheng Wenli,vice-president Yang Hongfei and Wang chuanjin, Deputy Party Secretary Zheng Bijiao, directors of CCE departments, chairman of Trade Union of Xiamen University Press Xu Hongbing, minister of Publicity Department of Tongan He Xi, and representatives from Education BureauTrade Unionthe Women's Foundation, Youth League Committee, Family Planning Association, Calligrapher's Association of Tongan District.

During the opening ceremony of "Education Base for College of Continuing Education(CCE) of Xiamen University", minister of Publicity Department of Tongan He Xi and CCE president Zheng Wenli gave a speech respectively. Minister He said he was appreciated the supports from CCE to Tongan Industry Community, and looked forward to strengthening further corporation to impulse the mutual developments and benefits for both CCE and Tongan. President Zheng pointed out that, CCE, as an important component and mainly service department of Xiamen University, through online education and training programs, was able to make great advantages of abundant teaching resources to serve people from different fields, areas and backgrounds, and contribute to local society construction and talents cultivation for the army. In the future, in accordance with the requirements of Xiamen Municipal Government, CCE will adhere to the traditions of Xiamen University, provide high quality education resources and services to Tongan industry community, and make better future for Xiamen together.


Then, Xiamen University Press and CCE held the Book Donation Ceremony together, which could greatly enrich residents’ lives in Tongan Industry Community. Moreover, to respond to the call of "Nationwide Reading" proposed by Premier Li Keqiang, Xiamen University Press and CCE donated books about the culture of Xiamen University, Fujian and Taiwan, which not only precisely match the needs and backgrounds of the community residents, but also do good for the construction of the Community Library.


Afterwards, Fu Xiaofan, professor as well as doctoral supervisor from Master of Business Administration Center of Xiamen University, gave lectures about "the Value of Traditional Culture in Modern Society" to representatives from Publicity Department, Social Science Association, Culture Association of Tongan community, school headmasters, company senior managers, and so on. The lectures were warmly welcomed and won a burst of applause. Prof. Fu Xiaofan was a speaker at CCTV's Lecture Room, and he is quite famous in CCE for his sciential and attractive teaching style.



"Taking Xiamen University into Tongan Community" serial activities were good beginnings for the corporation between Tongan Community and CCE. With joint efforts from both sides, it is believed that further corporation could step into a new era.


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