XMU held the Integrative and Coordinative Meeting of Network Teaching Resources


On the morning of April 13, 2017, the integrative and coordinative meeting of network teaching resources was held in XMU. The meeting was presided over by vice President Zhan XinLi, with participants including director of Information and Network Center Xiao DeHong, vice director of Office of Academic Affairs, director of Modern Education Technology and Practice Center Xie Huomu, president of CCE Zheng Wenli, vice president of CCE Yang Hongfei and relevant staff.


Zhan XinLi appreciated the active work and exploration of relevant colleges and departments in continuing education and ordinary full-time undergraduate network teaching. Meanwhile, she said that network teaching in XMU had not been effectively integrated and shared. She hoped that relevant colleges and departments  could make in-depth communications and discussions in how to realize resources sharing and integration.

Zheng Wenli, Xie Huomu and Xiao DeHong introduced respectively the construction and the existing problems of network teaching resources of their colleges and departments. In addition, Zheng Wenli also offered to open and share network teaching resources of CCE, and hoped that other relevant colleges and departments in XMU could share resources with CCE. The view obtained positive responses and consensus of participants in the meeting. Afterwards, a lively discussion about how to integrate, open, and share network teaching resources of XMU was made.


After the discussion, the meeting decided to set up a group to guide the integration and the coordination of network teaching resources, and to set up a working group to carry out specific work. The group will jointly develop an online learning platform of high-quality teaching resources of XMU to the society.

In late may, the meeting will be held again to further discuss the details about how to integrate, open, and share network teaching resources of XMU.