Research Project Seminar of Continuing Education Was Held in CCE


The 2016 annual academic meeting of Continuing Education Branch of Higher Education Academy of China was held in Quanzhou from Nov. 28th to 30th. Afterwards, the research project seminar of “Continuing Education Management and Operation System in Colleges and Universities”/ ”Continuing Education Quality Assurance System in Colleges and Universities ”was held in CCE on Dec. 1st . The seminar was conducted by CCE president Prof. Zheng Wenli, with participants including vice minister of Peking University Continuing Education Department Yang Xuexiang, vice president of Wuhan University Continuing Education College Liang Yulan and Tan Xiaolin, vice president of Jilin University Continuing Education College Gao Qiang, president of Southern Medical University Continuing Education College Liu Li, president of Zhenzhou University Continuing Education College Zhang Zhiyuan, leaders of CCE party-government committee and relative researchers.


Department of Vocational and Adult Education of Ministry of Education launched four research projects about the reforms of management system of continuing education. XMU was responsible for the project “Continuing Education Management and Operation System in Colleges and Universities”, while Peking University did "Continuing Education Quality Assurance System in Colleges and Universities”. President Zheng and vice minister Yang introduced respectively the backgrounds, the preliminary literature studies, the field researches, and the following research plans of the projects they were responsible for. All the participants discussed the key points of the research projects like the orientation and quality assurance of Continuing Education, the division of functions between different levels of education administration departments and colleges and universities, the pros and cons of the present management modes of Continuing Education in colleges and universities, and how to enhance comprehensive reforms of Continuing Education in China in the future.


The seminar brought leaders and researchers from six universities together, and it’s believed to promote following researches of the projects.