2017 Spring Semester Opening Ceremony of Study Center of XMU in Zhangzhou Zhongshan School Was Held


On the morning of May 6, the 2017 spring semester opening ceremony of online-education study center of XMU in Zhangzhou Zhongshan School was held grandly in the packed People Theater of Zhangzhou. Vice president of CPPCC of Zhangzhou Lin Junshan, Party secretary of CCE of XMU Cai Zhengwei, director of Zhangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau You Yongxue, executive vice president and secretary general of XMU Alumni Association Wu Liangtong, other leaders, guests, and 700 freshmen studying at online-education study center of XMU in Zhangzhou Zhongshan School attended the opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony kicked off with a solemn national anthem. Vice president of the school and director of the center Yu Na first delivered a welcome speech. She extended a warm welcome to leaders present and freshmen, and profiled the history of Zhongshan School and the achievements in recruitment of students and in teaching of the online-education study center of XMU in Zhangzhou Zhongshan School. She hoped that the students would be fortitude, be strict with themselves, cherish the learning opportunity, handle well the conflict between working and learning, and use their knowledge to pursue their dreams.

Cai Zhengwei expressed a warm welcome and hearty congratulations on behalf of CCE of XMU to the arrival of more than 1,000 freshmen at Zhangzhou Zhongshan School. Then he introduced the history, the characteristics and the cultural accumulation of XMU, and CCE's contribution to such aspects as servicing local economic development and personnel training. He hoped that every student in XMU could stick to their dreams, set explicit objectives, blend in actively with XMU, promote the Four Spirit of XMU, adapt actively to the mode of online education, improve online-learning abilities, finish learning tasks, balance work and study, and make their own contribution with their youth and vigor to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Wu Liangtong expressed a warm welcome in his speech to the freshmen to join the Zhangzhou XMU Alumni Association. He briefly introduced the contribution that Zhangzhou Alumni Association of XMU during its 80 years' history was made to the development of the society inspired by the Four Sprit of XMU. He hoped that students could set up broad goals, study hard, and make more contribution to the society.


Representative of the freshmen Yang Junyong and student representative of retired soldiers Xu Yanhua also made speeches at the ceremony. They both said that they wanted to put into practice the motto of XMU ("pursue excellence and strive for perfect"), diligently practice the spirit of XMU ("gratitude, responsibility and dedication"). They should not forget their initial goals, keep going, and live up to the expectations of the university and the teachers.

At the ceremony, representatives of distinction student and distinction student cadres were bestowed certificates in order to encourage new students to emulate their good qualities. Distinction student representative Zhang Weihao in his speech encouraged schoolfellows to work hard and build themselves into high-quality comprehensive talents.


The opening ceremony ended with powerful singing of XMU school anthem.